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Melina Elise Pilar moves into the quaint little village of Autumn's Bounty in the Irish countryside to start fresh from the chaos she left behind in the Philippines...
and gets more than what she's bargained for in all the aspects of Life.

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Official Theme:

One Step Forward (Two Steps Back)
Written by: Noelle Pico

Episode Themes:

Give Me Freedom*
[No Holds Barred]

I'm With You
[Avril Lavigne]


Heaven - Candlelight Remix
[DJ Sammy]

[Lisa Loeb]

Time After Time
[Eva Cassidy]

Never Saw Blue
[Shawn Colvin]

Character Themes:

~ Alexi ~
Foolish Games [Jewel]
Sweet Child O' Mine [Guns n' Roses]

~ Charlie ~
Luna's Boat Song [Lunar: Silver Star Story]
Someone Else's Story [Lea Salonga]

~ Iris ~
Junshin [St. Tail OST]

~ Isis ~
Angel [Sarah MacLachlan]

~ Melina ~
A Sorta Fairytale [Tori Amos]
The Safest Place [Leean Rimes]

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Mel Dauphin is an aspiring writer who is currently on a hectic-drive since she has one too many things to juggle while trying to survive college. She is very much single, detests the Hallmark idea of V-day (consequently calling it D-day) and wishes that the world would just give her a break and let things go smoothly for her.
Autumn's Bounty is a product of her now spinning imagination and is created in *hopes* that it won't come off sounding like one of those cheesy/icky/pathetic tv-soap operas that she used to watch back in Grade School.
She therefore dedicates the aforementioned 'blog series' (ed~ term coined by author) to her muse, her darling sisters, her babies, her brothers, athens, and to the many who will *hopefully* come to love her characters as mnuch as she does.

Mon chere amis, this is for all of you.

a ghra. a m'hain.
lina's ramblings

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~ Readers ~
(alphabetical order)

Ekai Ungson
Lady Harle
Maia D.

~ Musical Contributors ~

No Holds Barred

~ Fellow Blog Series ~

Windy Day
By: Lady Harlequin

the Knighthood
By: Flip Dauphin

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Email: venus_on_a_moodswing@yahoo.com or a_ghra@hotmail.com

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Melina Dauphin / May 31, 2003